Silica gel DeseCamen® White

White silica gel is a powerful desiccant that comes in the form of beads, granules or powder. It is commonly used as a moisture absorber in various products. It is known for its ability to absorb and
retain large amounts of water or water vapor thanks to its porosity, which makes it ideal for protecting products sensitive to moisture

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Silica gel DeseCamen® Orange

Orange silica gel is a powerful desiccant that comes in the form of beads or granules. Unlike white silica gel, this product has a moisture indicator generally made from gentian violet, which, when it turns dark green, means that it has done its job of absorbing perfectly and it is time to replace it.

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Alúmina activada DeseCamen® BULK

La alúmina activada es un compuesto químico que contiene aluminio y oxígeno (Al2O3). Su estructura porosa la hace útil en una variedad de aplicaciones industriales y de laboratorio, especialmente en procesos de adsorción y catalíticos.

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